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Lodging at Sogno Salentino is like living in the pulsating heart of Salento since it is located just a few kilometers from places of major interest and charm of this land



The Salento coast is an important connection between Lama (a village in the province of Taranto) and Leuca (a village close to Castrignano del Capo). This route is one of a kind because of all the stunning and wonderful beaches located along its 146 km length.

The first part of this route connecting Lama to Marina di Leporano is long 5,6 km and is called Litoranea Salentina Nord. Here there is only one beach, which is worth considering.

The remaining part is actually the Litoranea Salentina. In 89,4 km from Saturo, an historical village with an old tower, to Gallipoli, the road passes through several touristic villages.

Heading to the south, right after the aforementioned Marina di Leporano, the route crosses Marina di Pulsano, an area full of beaches and places very interesting from an historical point of view. Some of the most known beaches here are Luogovivo, also known as “Baia del Pescatore” (fisherman’s bay), La Fontana, Le Canne, Montedarena, Costa Azzurra, Terrarossa e Lido Silvana, where an anti Saracenic tower from the 16 th century (Castelluccia tower) and the ruins of a prehistorical village stand. Unfortunately Lido Silvana’ beach and the wood nearby have been destroyed by a huge fire in 2001. Before this tragedy, the beach was one of most touristic destination in the south of Italy.

Going further on this road you will meet the Isola Amministrativa of the municipality of Taranto, located between Marina di Pulsano and Marina di Lizzano; the main place of this area is Lido Torretta. The route flows through vast beaches on one side and sand dunes and the mediterranean scrub on the other side. In Marina di Lizzano there is an important area called Bagnara, also known as “Il Canale” (the canal).

Right after Marina di Lizzano come Torre Ovo and Campomarino di Maruggio, this last one a significant touristic location equipped with a small port. The route meets San Pietro in Bevagna, where a bridge stands on the Chidro river, then crosses Torre Colimena. Once entered the province of Lecce, you find Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo and finally Porto Cesareo.

The coastal road flows through Marina di Nardò where there is an important naturalist location, Porto Selvaggio. Then it continues along Sant'Isidoro, Santa Caterina and Santa Maria al Bagno and then it comes to Gallipoli.

Heading now to its end, in Leuca, the route passe salso thorugh Mancaversa (Taviano), Torre Suda (Racale), Torre San Giovanni (Ugento), Pescoluse (Salve), Torre Vado (Morciano di Leuca and San Gregorio (Castrignano del Capo).


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