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Born in Bolzano in 1972

Graduated in physiotherapy and specializes in treating cancer patients.


Born in Trento in 1976

A law graduate, a swimming instructor and event organizer.



As in all (beautiful) love stories after our engagement on September 7th, 2013 we organized a civil ceremony at the Hollywood nightclub in Bardolino (VR) where in front of relatives and friends we chose to make our relationship official.


















On February 19th, 2014 we fly to New York where we got married at the Town Hall in Manhattan.

We always had a common dream which was to plan a life together…drop everything and start from scratch, or at least start from afresh and together create something of our own.

So we began to search for a place where we could develop our project and watch it grow and after having evaluated the most diverse locations we decided to quit both our jobs (after so many years spent in a hospital and in an office) our mountains and also our loved ones to make the move to Lizzano, a small village in Salento just a short walk from a crystalline sea that rivals even the Caribbean for beauty.

On October 5th, 2015, we closed the house in Bolzano and made the move for good to Salento where we purchased a small estate with a villa, pine forest and olive grove.

At this point we had to roll up our sleeves to begin work on a project that would slowly turn into reality…our very own Sogno Salentino which aimed to combine the traditions and tastes of the local region with the sobriety and elegance of South Tyrol.

Special thanks goes to our families that we have always supported and helped us, friends of a lifetime and those people that quickly managed to capture our hearts. Without them all this would not have been possible!



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