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Staying at Sogno Salentino it means living in the heart of Salento... it only takes a few kilometers to find yourself

in the places of greatest interest and charm of this land

The Litoranea Salentina is an important road connection that connects Lama (fraction of Taranto) and Leuca (fraction of Castrignano del Capo) along the Ionian Sea. Along its 146 km of travel are visible numerous coves from the road as the coast runs along the most beautiful and important beaches of the eastern side of the Province of Taranto and the Ionian part of the Province of Lecce being a few tens of meters from the sea. 

The first part, which connects Lama to Marina di Leporano, is called Litoranea Salentina Nord and in its 5.6 km the only beach worthy of note is that of Gandoli, in the Marina di Leporano. The remaining part, however, is the Litoranea Salentina proper. In its 89.4 km from Saturo, a place of considerable historical interest located in the Marina di Leporano where there is an old tower, in Gallipoli, crosses several places characterized by mainly seaside tourism but also historical. 

Continuing south, after the aforementioned Marina di Leporano (with its Gandoli and Saturo), the Litoranea Salentina crosses the Marina di Pulsano, rich in beaches and areas of high historical interest. Famous beaches in this area are Luogovivo (also called "Baia del Pescatore"). with its inlet below street level, dominated by a roundabout, La Fontana, Le Canne, Montedarena, Costa Azzurra, Terrarossa and Lido Silvana, where there are a sixteenth-century anti-Saracen tower (Torre Castelluccia) and the remains of a prehistoric village: the latter and its forest were devastated in the summer of 2001 by a huge fire. Before this event, noted for its importance by the national news, Lido Silvana was one of the most tourist resorts in Puglia and southern Italy, attracting with its campsite a huge amount of Italian and foreign tourists.
Continuing further, the Salento coast road meets the Administrative Island of the Municipality of Taranto, located between the Marina di Pulsano and the Marina di Lizzano; an important resort in this area is Lido Torretta. Here, as in the subsequent Marina di Lizzano, there are immense beaches and the SP122 flows between them and huge dunes of sand and Mediterranean scrub. In the Marina di Lizzano an important place is Bagnara, called "Il Canale".
After the Marina di Lizzano there are Torre Ovo, a hamlet of Torricella, and Campomarino di Maruggio, an important tourist resort with an important marina. Then the Litoranea Salentina crosses San Pietro in Bevagna, where there is a bridge over the river Chidro, and Torre Colimena, fractions of Manduria. Subsequently, entering the Province of Lecce, you meet Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo and then their municipal capital Porto Cesareo.
Subsequently, the Salento coast road crosses the marina of Nardò where there is a naturalistic site of considerable importance, Porto Selvaggio. In addition, always in the area of Nardò, crosses Sant'Isidoro, Santa Caterina and Santa Maria al Bagno and later, after crossing the marina of Galatoneed a small stretch of coast afferent Sannicola, finds Gallipoli.
Subsequently, before ending in Leuca, the coast road finds Mancaversa (Taviano), Torre Suda (Racale), Torre San Giovanni (Ugento), Pescoluse (Salve), Torre Vado (Morciano di Leuca and San Gregorio (Castrignano del Capo).

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